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“Star Trek Beyond” Trailer

Posted in Films, Star Trek by ERJHolton on December 14, 2015

A few days early, probably because of what appeared to be leaks, the Star Trek Beyond trailer has landed. View below:

People who know me understand that I’m not fond of the reboot movies (my review of Star Trek Into Darkness is here), but with Abrams’ departure from the franchise and the news that Simon Pegg was writing the script, I was at a point of looking forward to this one.

But based on this trailer? I’m not happy at all. Beastie Boys as the background track wasn’t the best start, but, with the film’s compressed production schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised if the score wasn’t complete enough yet to take excerpts from. It wasn’t the music that grated though, it was the fact that the trailer felt almost completely empty. Just a succession of loud visuals with no context, including what looks like the Enterprise being dismantled by a swarm in scenes very reminiscent of the Machines’ attack on Zion in The Matrix Revolutions. There was one moment I liked; that being the “Well that’s just typical,” moment (0:40 to 0:50), but then again I have a soft spot for Urban’s McCoy in these reboot films.

(As an aside, once again, we appear to have the Enterprise effortlessly overcome. I know; needing to take characters from their comfort zone, writers / designers wanting something new, blah blah blah. Tired of it. At least have the enemy work for it for once? Please?)

I’m hoping that the second trailer will add some context to the flat noise of the first, or perhaps I’m just not the kind of the Star Trek fan Paramount is interested in marketing to these days.

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